Introducing WorkDynamics Solution Factory, built on Power Apps

no-code power apps Jul 10, 2024
WorkDynamics Solution Factory built on Power Apps

The WorkDynamics Solution Factory leverages Systems Thinking and cloud technology, built on Microsoft Power App and Copilots generative AI and RAG integration, to improve organisational performance. By applying critical principles like causal relationships, feedback loops, and stock and flow diagrams, WorkDynamics creates efficient and logical solutions that enhance systems efficiency and effectiveness. Current solutions in production include Safe Havens for Child Safe Organisations, ensuring comprehensive child safety, and Injury Guard, streamlining injury event reporting, management, and mitigation. These solutions bolster organisational reputation by improving safety and efficiency, increasing trust, employee satisfaction, and overall success and compliance outcomes.

Our solutions are Devworkz managed in PowerApps, offering organisations ready-to-use, end-to-end functionality that can be easily extended and customised to meet specific needs. This approach combines commercial off-the-shelf features and capabilities with no-code development flexibility and deep integration with server-side security and identity management.

Our production pipeline has Safe Havens for Child Safe Organisations and Injury Guard under development. Short-listed solutions include 1) Assault Management, 2) Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program, and 3) Training and Development. Additionally, we envision future solutions for 4) Employee Wellness Monitoring, 5) Environmental Impact Assessment, and 6) Customer Feedback and Engagement Analysis.