Minimise downtime, solve problems & enhance your system

We are excited to introduce our latest offering, the Devworkz Enhanced Dual-Tier Support & Service Program. This innovative dual-tier initiative is meticulously designed to elevate your system's efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability to ever-changing needs. Devworkz now presents a comprehensive support program, encompassing swift issue resolution and personalized enhancements to refine your systems in alignment with dynamic business needs and evolving compliance requirements.

Level 1

Priced per ticket

For system owners that need ad hoc support to minimise downtime.

  • On demand, issue driven
  • Choose from¬†normal or critical [same day] SLA response options 8/5.¬†

  • A 'Normal' ticket¬†has 24 hour SLA and is $300 per¬†event.

  • A¬†'Urgent' ticket¬†has¬†1 hour SLA and is $500 per¬†event.

  • Service costs to repair complex issues outside of the tickets scope is at $200/hr¬†

    Elevate your application support experience with us. 

Level 2

Annual contract [paid monthly]

For owners of critical systems - provides proactive support for your application logic and workflow management.

  • Proactive with Collaborative Engagement¬†
  • Enjoy 24/7 ticket response with a consistent SLA response¬†on the same day.¬†

  • Tickets¬†are changed at $200¬†per event.

  • Included is a monthly Zoom/Teams call for progress reviews and query resolution and or review of feature and or workflow¬†enhancements.

  • Proactive workflow error tracking and response.

  • Service costs to repair complex issues outside of the ticket is at $1200/day.¬†
  • Elevate your application support experience with us. If you'd like more details and¬†a quote on this, feel free to reach out.

Note:The monthly expenses for tickets, Zoom meetings, and service charges are accumulated and reconciled with your annual contract.

For more information

Please note: Our goal is to resolve support tickets within one hour. For more complex issues requiring additional diagnosis and resolution time, our support consultant will provide the customer with estimated time and potential costs before addressing the issue.

Supported platforms

Ground based platforms: Appbuilder & Nintex workflow and forms - SP2010, 2013, 2016, 2019

Cloud to Ground platforms: Appbuilder, Nintex & Gateway, O365 and NWC to SP

Pure Cloud: Appbuilder Cloud on O365, MS Power Apps or OutSystems cloud

Cloud SaaS Product: Safe Havens Child Safe capability, reporting and case management

Key Features

  • Reactive to Proactive Transition: Unlike Level 1, which operates on a reactive model addressing identified issues, Level 2 takes a proactive approach. This tier engages in a tight collaborative model with your team to proactively treat and enhance systems, introducing new features and minor fixes as needed.
  • Collaborative Engagement Model: Level 2 fosters a close partnership with your team, ensuring proactive measures to optimize system performance and meet evolving business requirements. Monthly Zoom meetings facilitate collective reviews of your team's experiences and concerns, allowing our experienced support staff to respond with valuable process improvement suggestions and practical changes.
  • Discounted Ticket Costs: Subscribers to Level 2 support benefit from discounted ticket costs, ensuring a cost-effective solution for ongoing system management.
  • Annual Contract: Level 2 operates under an annual contract, providing subscribers with stability and a predictable framework for budgeting and planning.

We are committed to not just resolving issues but enhancing your system's overall performance. Devworkz's Dual-Tier Support & Service Program is your dedicated partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business requirements.