New State laws & regulatory obligations require organisations to be ‘child-safe.’

child safe capability development child safe legal obligations child safe standards Mar 07, 2022

The new laws passing through the state governments require organisations with responsibility for caring for children to be ‘child-safe. This places an obligation directly on leaders regarding resources, funding, workforce, etc., that must be allocated towards ensuring child-safe standards are met and capabilities are implemented effectively.

The new ‘child-safe’ laws and reporting obligations provide clear and specific requirements and leave no room for leaders to compromise on.

Heads of relevant entities in charge of mandatory reporting must forward 7-day, 30-day and entity-level reporting to external authorities.

How does Safe Havens address this challenge: 

It provides organisations with rapid deployment & management of child-safe capabilities to fast-track the internal development of effective and efficient systems. 

It also includes end-to-end protection systems that seamlessly integrate communities, front-line operational teams & back-office safeguarding services.