Course Title: Introduction to Systems Thinking

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Introduction to Systems Thinking

Course Description: This introductory course provides a foundation in Systems Thinking, a holistic approach to problem-solving and decision-making. You will explore key concepts and tools that help you analyse complex systems and understand the interrelationships between their components.

Course Topic 1: What is Systems Thinking?

Description: In this first module, we define Systems Thinking, its history, and its relevance in today's complex world. You'll gain an understanding of the fundamental principles and why it's a valuable framework for addressing real-world issues.

Course Topic 2: Systems Concepts and Terminology

Description: Dive into the essential concepts and terminology used in Systems Thinking. Learn about feedback loops, stocks and flows, causality, and system boundaries. These concepts are the building blocks for understanding how systems work.

Course Topic 3: Systems Archetypes

Description: Explore common behaviour patterns within systems, known as systems archetypes. We'll discuss archetypes such as "The Tragedy of the Commons," "Fixes that Fail," and "Shifting the Burden" and understand how to identify them in real-world situations.

Course Topic 4: Feedback Loops

Description: Feedback loops play a critical role in understanding system behaviour. This module delves into positive and negative feedback loops, reinforcing and balancing processes, and how they influence the dynamics of systems.

Course Topic 5: System Mapping and Diagramming

Description: Learn how to create system maps and diagrams to represent the structure and dynamics of complex systems visually. We'll use tools like causal loops and stock-flow diagrams to model real-world situations.

Course Topic 6: Systems Thinking in Practice

Description: Explore case studies and examples of how Systems Thinking is applied in various fields, including business, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. Understand how to identify leverage points for system improvement.

Course Topic 7: Group Dynamics and Systems Thinking

Description: Systems Thinking is not just an individual skill; it's a valuable tool for collaboration. This module discusses facilitating group discussions and decision-making using Systems Thinking principles.

Course Topic 8: Systems Thinking Tools and Software

Description: Discover software and online tools that can aid in Systems Thinking, from simulation software to modelling tools. Learn how to use these tools to analyse and manage complex systems.

Course Topic 9: Integrating Systems Thinking into Your Work

Description: This final module focuses on applying Systems Thinking in your professional life. Understand the steps to integrate Systems Thinking into your projects, decision-making, and problem-solving processes.

Course Topic 10: Course Conclusion and Future Directions

Description: Reflect on what you've learned during the course and discuss potential areas for further study and application of Systems Thinking. Consider how you can continue to develop your skills in this field.

This structured introductory course will provide participants with a solid foundation in Systems Thinking, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to approach complex issues with a more holistic perspective.