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Appbuilder for SharePoint & Nintex download  

We believe org​anisational outcomes and performance can be driven through the purposeful implementation and alignment of automated management systems.​ Ask how Appbuilder can drive team and orgnisational productivity.

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Reseller or Managed Service partner program

Management systems supported by agile applications position team and department resources for high performance and success.​ Learn how we support and empower our partners to expand their investments in SharePoint and the Nintex platform.

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What's new ... Kick Start, Digital Workplaces plus

Translating an organisations complexities into clear repeatable steps is essential to staff engagement and outcome management. Making  complex requirements clear, simple, stupid is what we are great at! 6.6 adds form, function and pizzazz to the user experience.

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Membership processing, internal operations and project tracking, portfolio management, environment policy management, community engagement ...


Budgeting, contracts management, task and project tracking, services database, organisational development, corporate development​​​ ...


Employee on-boarding and , material master management, non-inventory purchase orders, quality management services ...


Schools directory management, school and curriculum compliance, children at risk management, printing services ....

banking & finance​


Regulatory compliance and back office services and processes, LOB integrations ....  ​​

mining & construction​

Eclipse integrations, alerting and ticket management systems​, project and task management ...

​Appbuilder, Uihiro & Nintex

... completely rethinking application development on SharePoint

We provide a comprehensive program for the creation of workplace and business applications for SharePoint. We can help you align organisational objectives and your departments with agile, bespoke technology enabled​ systems.

by John Ackery - Director​

With Appbuilder Standard you can unleash the full power of SharePoint 2010/2013 by quickly becoming a SharePoint application designer. The fleet of Web Parts enables you to customize SharePoint and easily create applications by simply dragging and dropping components. Because Appbuilder removes the need for custom coding and complex data integration, even non-programmers can build complex application logic based on traditional relational data models and rich security quickly and easily.

Data access






​ Our tools provide full cross farm viewing & aggregation of lists and libraries.'One to Many' and 'many to many' type relationships can be configured between list, libarary and external data.
Rich forms​ design - meta data management, master data, cascading lookups, parameter or session controlled, tabbed, behaviours etc. Logically control user access to business logic, data and views.
Build dynamic views and filtering options. Tight integration with SP and AD security.
Leverage SP security and user credentials to check, trim or limit access to data.
Summarise data into charts & dashboards. Build in app reporting, printing and data export. 
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Twitter Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It is a collection of CSS and HTML conventions.

LOB Data

Read Write



Master data


​Start accessing all your LOB data sources - SQL, Lotus Notes, MSCRM, Oracle, Sales Force, SAP ..... etc.Build forms with full read and write options back to any LOB data source.
Build solutions where all application data comes from external LOB data sources.
Mash up LOB data and SP list/library content for hydride solutions.
Graph, chart and dashboard your LOB data.
Build fixed or user defined reports with export or printing capabilities. 
Leverage 'master data' feeds to many applications to ensure accuracy and consistency.
Leverage SP security and user credentials to pass through to check, trim or limit access to data.
Full support for 'Primary' and 'Forign' key management.
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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. CSS allows you to specify various style properties for a given HTML element such as colors, backgrounds, fonts etc.


100's Icons

Mobile Tablet

Design portal

​Leverage a 12 column grid system and 'classes' to control the design based on the view port.
Incorporate 100's of vector based icons, build traffic lights, dynamically colour code, stack etc.
Build solutions that dynamically respond to 'large desktop screens', 'tablets' and 'pocket' devices.
Our online design experience allows users to test and control the aesthetics and site layout.
Build rich data views that show 'process state' and alerts.​ Enhance them with 'pop overs' to help users see and understand.    From within any data view allow users to edit and add data inline.
Business Activity Monitoring [BAM]. Embed rich views on Nintex WF data.
100's of widgets and new css classes empowering designers to enhance the UX.
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Nintex Workflow automates and improves both everyday and elaborate processes. Designed for business users and IT professionals alike, Nintex Workflow transforms your business processes by bringing together your people, your processes and your content - quickly, easily and seamlessly.​




​With Nintex, you can start optimizing your processes as
soon as you deploy. Create simple workflows in minutes, deploy them with one click, and realize business value immediately. 
A drag-and-drop workflow designer, with connectivity and advanced features. Business users and IT Professionals alike are empowered to quickly and easily automate business processes.
Actions to create, delegate, ​approve, ​and review tasks notifications and reminders. Email-based task completion.
Process logic and flow for state machines, parallel branches, switches and loops etc.
Actions to control sites, libraries, and list management.​   API, integrations and connectors - Web Service (SOAP) API, Web Service and XML over REST and SQL database support.​​
Configure all your complex business rules and processes.
Build in back end application
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Nintex Forms helps you provide the right information the right way to the right people at the right time - and do it in as few clicks as possible. Capture data, complete tasks and edit content in SharePoint, in Office 365 and on public websites - in a browser or on a phone or tablet. Nintex Forms tightly integrates with processes, and with the way people work.​​




​Install Nintex Forms into your SharePoint environment and create forms without exiting SharePoint. Take advantage of managed metadata, external lists, cascading drop-downs and many other native SharePoint/Office 365 features you’ve come to rely on. ​
Quickly create and publish web-ready and mobile-ready forms using our web-based, drag-and-drop designer. Build forms that feature dynamic fields, data validations, conditional display areas, and custom formatting for rich interactions.​
Get the right information to the right people by connecting forms with your processes. Automatically kick off workflows and route tasks based on form submissions. Approve, review and track information submitted via forms. Each task includes background information so you don’t have to click links to find out what to approve.​ Whether it’s in a mobile browser or via one of our native mobile apps, Nintex Forms works as smoothly on a phone or tablet as on a desktop or laptop. What’s more, making a form mobile-friendly doesn’t require extra effort.​
Many workflows involve vendors, custo​mers, contractors and partners. Some people outside your organization won’t have access to your SharePoint site – and that’s not a problem. Reliably and securely publish your forms to SharePoint sites and to public websites.
Publish forms to SharePoint, Publish forms to Office 365, Publish forms to mobile devices Publish forms outside firewall (authenticated and/or anonymous)​
Online and offline forms completion, trigger workflow processes, attach files to record (documents, images), include geolocation data, authenticate using digital signatures.
External content types, repeating sections, branding and customization, design for multiple form factors and screens (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC), formatting rules (including hide/ show logic), validation rules and previewing. ​
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​From our application factory

... structured business ready engagement based solutions​

We have a growing number of corporate applications, these are our kit set solutions. Build your own bespoke solutions, tailoerd to your needs and requirments, leveraging our tools and agile compliance engines.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Note: Built on Office 365 Public facing web site with Uihiro and powered by Nintex workflow​.​​​