Child, Family & Community Engagement Systems

Streamlining and reducing access barriers to abuse reporting is essential. The channels for child and community reporting need to be friendly and accessible for anyone, anywhere at any time. Your active frontline defence against abuse all starts with a QR code. 

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Access for Communities, Families, Children

Designed from the ground up to provide child and community-friendly real-time options for reporting, collaboration and monitoring, anytime, anywhere.

Securely connect and support children with a mobile app to build the awareness to spot, track and share details of at-risk moments and persons of concern.

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Integrated Mandatory Reporting

Students, families, workers and communities can share and lodge safeguarding ideas, requests for help to the formal reporting of complaints and more.

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AI-Powered Workhub

This is a frontline location work area and dashboard to monitor and manage children at risk of abuse. Chat, review ideas, and respond to requests for information and help. Conduct mandatory reporting obligations and risk assessments, and escalate allegations to more formal case management processes.

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