Systems to build and manage Child-Safe capabilities

Being child-safe is defined by the Royal Commission through ten headline standards or principles. The standards are further defined by 35 core components and 181 more detailed requirements that provide clarity on the specifics that need to be implemented and monitored.

Safe Havens has been designed to allow you the freedom and flexibility of deployment at scale. It provides uniform access for any city, urban and or rural-based organisations that need to be child-safe, ensuring no one misses out.

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Operational elements that leaders and work teams can track & measure progress

Convert the child-safe requirements [10 standards, 35 core components and 181 requirements] into operational elements [objectives, goals, measures, targets, self-assessments, auditing, gap analysis and performance and maturity map, etc.]

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Centralised Auditing

Guide what's needed to be child-safe by setting best practices to drive and track implementation. 

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Self-assessments & Reviews

Closing one’s capability gaps will address the critical internal vulnerabilities and build a foundation of success and ongoing improvement.

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Benchmarking & Performance Development

We provide deployment planning, implementation and work team programs, performance management, maturity development for all of the key Royal Commission’s recommendations on child-safe capabilities.

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Develop & Monitor Child Safe Capabilities

Our Child-Safe module provides an end-to-end system of capability development, review and enhancement.

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