Free Online Session

Hosted by John Ackery, Founder and Creator of Safe Havens

Free online training for leadership teams that need a solid framework to kickstart the development of their Child Safe capabilities.

In this session you will learn about the background, community expectations, legal obligations and development requirements of being Child Safe. Explore best practice system design and how to convert Child Safe requirements into operational elements [objectives, goals, measures, targets & tasks] to support an effective program tailored for your organisation.

Become a change agent.

Learn about the 10 standards, the 35 to 62 core components and 181 requirements that define what it is to be child safe.

Localise & operationalise

Prepare for success, convert generic requirements into objectives, measures, targets and tasks for progress and reporting.

Make a Difference!

By design a Child Safe organisation should build safer communities and a lower prevalence of abuse.

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