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​​​ ​​Nintex Partners - ​​​Enhance your competiveness with lucrative 'business critical' apps!

.... see how 'Appbuilder' and 'Uihiro' can grow 'sticky' customer relationships that underpin new service and software revenues from your Nintex customer base.

Meaningful conversations that go beyond IT - engage with the business​​​

We all know that the costs and risks associated with aquiring a sale from a new customer is many many times more expensive than from an existing one. 

How many line-of-business (LOB) systems does your company run? Do your teams use different information systems that are disconnected? Is there a way to improve productivity when multiple teams are working together? This paper reviews how you can maximize performance, improve efficiency, and lower costs across your organization by using Microsoft® SharePoint® as an enterprise collaboration platform for your LOB systems.