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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Align core systems with organisational objectives

.... automate and measure the u​n-managed!

Most mistakes and errors in business aren't a result of poor materials or disgruntled employees. They are the end result of not having clearly defined procedures for common tasks. Creating procedures and systems that will make your business more successful. Process clarity is one of the three key foci in effective organizational design, along with people and technology. Yet with the haphazard process management common in many businesses, it is little wonder that employees struggle to do a good job. How an invoice is processed, customer complaint handled or engineering drawing approved in many organizations depends more on who does it and what day of the week it was done on rather than on sound business reasoning. Where process and role clarity is lacking, personal idiosyncrasies and political manoeuvring take over.​

Moreover, research indicates that less than 20 percent of product defects and service problems are due to non-random factors, such as malicious employees, machine breakdown and poor raw materials. The other 80 percent or more of problems is due to systemic deficiencies with processes. So, although mapping your business processes is relatively simple to do and involves no costly capital expenditure, it pays huge dividends in business efficiency and employee commitment.​