Build Applications Fast, Right & for the Future

We change the way software is built so you can rapidly create and deploy critical applications that evolve with your business.

UX/UI & Prototyping

Delivering an awesome experience that wins the hearts and minds of customers, partners or students can seem like an insurmountable endeavour. Human-centered design is an approach to problem solving, commonly used in design and management frameworks that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process.

We can provide UX/UI design services, usability testing on low, mid or high fideleity tlickable prototypes. 

Advisory, Sales & Delivery

Deliver Pixel-Perfect Omnichannel Applications Across Your Customer Journeys. We empower companies to create omnichannel applications up to 10x faster than with traditional development methods. Breakaway from pre-built software that keeps innovation at bay and deliver business results fast. Create perfect-fit experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations and allow you to compete head-to-head with CX leaders.


Design, build, monitor, and continuously improve perfect-fit management applications faster than ever before. Empower your knowledge workers to resolve complex problems that require input from multiple sources. Add structure, context, and automation to improve productivity and reduce costs. Whether your “cases” take the form of incidents, investigations, or service requests, we can help.

Meet the team

John Ackery [Innovation & Customer Success]


Koushik Prathi [Web and Mobile]


Kavita Bagale [UI Designer]


Amal Raj [Chief Technical Director]


Karaka Asifm [Web and Mobile]


Deepakshi Shringare [Test Engineer]