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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Appbuilder for SharePoint and Nintex .... new realese out now!

.... no-code, citizen enabled development and LOB unification

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Appbuilder is a comprehensive program for the creation of workplace and business applications, integrations and portals for SharePoint. Appbuilder leverages SharePoint and Office 365 and extends it with no-code tools, services and design patterns.

As your organization’s SharePoint environment matures, your end users will increasingly clamour​ for application enhancements that exceed out-of-the- box capabilities. Many organizations turn to custom development, but that can be time-consuming, difficult to maintain, and downright expensive. Whether you’re concerned with wasted time, budget and resources, or automating mundane tasks so you can get back to your backlog of requests, Appbuilder is the perfect tool to simplify and accelerate the process. The skills for the creation of solutions can be quickly developed in your team so that technical and ​​even owners/users of SharePoint can freely participate in the process - everyone!


Slash development costs, triple budget output ...​

"I think we have reduced the cost compared to traditional methods by 50%."​


Fast to build, respond at the speed of business ...

“Before we implemented Web Parts for SharePoint, we were unable to build applications in fewer than three months. Now we can create them quickly and efficiently"


Empower everyone, everywhere ...

"It allows one to go from someone with a complete lack of knowledge to an empowered user within a short period of time"​​​

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Advanced no-code configuration for everyone

Free up your SharePoint development resources, and satisfy business requirements without costly custom coding. Appbuilder for SharePoint is a set of powerful SharePoint web parts that lets you build applications that are easily supported, maintained and upgraded, ensuring their long-term impact and return on investment. ezEdit configuration—Satisfy the most complex business requirements, from interface enhancements to complete solutions, without the need for custom development experience or training.  Codeless configuration—Build applications that you can easily support and maintain—up to 80 percent faster and with no custom coding. Better build—Extend applications beyond native capabilities and exceed user expectations by delivering advanced functionality including tabular forms to save screen space, parent-child relationships to ensure reliable data entry, and hide/show-when logic to govern what data users can see.​

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Charts, dashboards, reports, insight​​​ 

Build captivating 3-D charts and dashboards that are nearly impossible to build natively and include dynamic filtering, drill-down reporting and a rich user experience. Appbuilders charting solutions are easily supported, maintained and upgraded—up to 80 percent faster and without development experience required—enabling you to meet SLAs and keep users happy. Build powerful reporting dash boards based on real time data and content from SharePoint. You can also everage data from extrernal solutions such as SQL Server, Lotus Notes, Oracle and or SAP.

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Raw development templates - pre enabled structure, guided support ​​ ​​​​

Appbuilder Training now includes raw development templates for the lightening fast configuration of workplace, business and enterprise  applications. Our new templates are packed with features all based on our best practice experiences from the last 6 years of working in this space. Just start adding data or plug them into your existing back end solutions. Raw development templates represent a massive step forward in how organizations can further slash the cost of developing new applications. The templates embody many of our best practice design patterns & principles covered in our Appbuilder Training. The templates support cross application standardization, consistency and governance. Build solutions to manage manufacturing, mining, education, banking, not- for-profit or council services or business processes. If you manage IT, sales, human resources, marketing you can quickly build functional portal solutions. ​

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Integrated security​ 

Designing, building and maintaining​ security requirements across your user communities and application logic is an essential requirement in the development of most solutions. Appbuilder provides an extensive range of security features that integrates with SharePoint to handle simple to the most stringent requirements. Leverage your investment in Active Directory [Active directory groups], SharePoint security groups to control  security driven logic, data trimming​ and related functions.

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Advanced forms 

Appbuilder provides a powerful set of features for the development of simple and advanced form filling solutions right within SharePoint. The OOB SharePoint form is very basic in terms of its capabilities and look and feel. Some of the features include, cross site viewing of data, list filtering, auto filling of content from other lists or sessions, data mash-ups combining SharePoint and external data [e.g. data from SQL Server ot Lotus Notes], advanced formation, data validation and integration with work-flows and other custom actions. You can also leverage data from external solutions such as SQL Server, Lotus Notes, Oracle and or SAP.

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Relational data patterns underpin application design​ ​

Appbuilder provides a comprehensive set of tools to make SharePoint data relational. It will help you connect, relate and manage data with advanced relational constructs. It provides business users with the power to create advanced cross site systems with a simple ‘drag, drop and configure’ interface. It includes a number of webparts that allow business user to easily build parent–child relationships, cross site lookups, auto filling, dependent lists, flow control and persistent filtering. This is a must have for the development of rich applications in SharePoint. Solve critical pain points without custom coding: Being able to relate data is a common capability in any database or Business Intelligence system. Relating data has been a key tool to turn raw data into relevant meaningful information. 

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Templates, styling, widgets and an array of design features ​​

​Advanced tramples and theming enhances the Appbuilder application development story on premise and in the cloud. Simple to use CSS and HTML5 with ‘Responsive Design’ concepts just seems to work across all device form factors. This provides consistency for hybrid 2013 and 365 scenarios and adds loads of very cool things to delight your users.

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Leverage LOB data - master data, integration to unification 

System Integration solutions enable you to display and modify data from other external systems and LOB applications. The  tools will allow you to integrate line of business data into SharePoint for master data, dashboards, reporting to fully unified solutions. The System Integration WebParts provide users with an easy to configure interface. A generic configurator enables connections to external systems with properly implemented Web Services and to common commercial databases. SharePoint users can gain instant access to Business Data through System Integration Web Parts. This is a single approach to back end data without developers needing to program against multiple API’s.

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rock SharePoint with Appbuilder​ & Nintex Workflow​

Nintex Workflow adds a drag-and-drop workflow designer, connectivity and advanced workflow features to the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Business users and IT Professionals alike will be empowered to quickly and easily automate business processes; from a simple leave approval request, to complex integration across external applications, cloud services and data sources.​

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 for mobility and rich designs - Nintex Forms​

Nintex Forms is a web based designer that enables forms to be created within SharePoint quickly and easily. Forms can then be consumed on most common mobile devices from the internet, anywhere and anytime. Nintex Forms integrates seamlessly with Nintex​ Workflow to automate business processes and deliver rich SharePoint applications.  ​

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