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Nov 26
New Form Layout Tools

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Jul 10
Devworkz extends Appbuilder - New Tools, Training & Templates

​Today Devworkz is announcing a significant extension to there Appbuilder brand. Appbuilder is now a comprehensive program for the creation of workplace and business applications, integrations and portals for 'SharePoint'. Appbuilder now includes a series of extension tools, integrated training, support and 'raw' templates all designed for lightening fast application development. The backbone of Appbuilder is a series of 'design patterns and principles' leveraging no-code, easy to learn components.

Appbuilder makes 'SharePoint' a potent destination for application development. With Appbuilder you will significantly reduce development time and cost. Appbuilder will transform how you create value out of your investment in 'SharePoint'. Don’t let technology come between you and the creation of your next application!

Appbuilder leverages 'SharePoint' in new ways and extends it with no-code tools or building blocks. The skills for the creation of solutions can be quickly developed in teams so that technical and even the owners and users of 'SharePoint' can freely participate in the development process. The ‘building blocks’ extend 'SharePoint' with 100‘s of new features and rich integration possibilities. They represent a unified set of
components for farm wide content viewing and aggregation, dash boarding, forms development, relational data, navigation etc.

Integration and unification of external data is an exciting dimension of Appbuilder. Organisation have extensive back end systems controlling key data, processes and information sotres. Leveraging this data into 'SharePoint' and your application architecture can be extremely powerful.  From light integrations to complete unification [full read and write] of external data is easily configured with our no-code components.

Appbuilder Templates allow for the rapid creation of application ‘shells’ pre packed with features ready to add data. These templates have pre configred navigation, security, icons, custom master pages, site pages for task management, content collaboration and dash boards are included - just start plugging in your data. Upload existing Excel and Access data bases, connect them to existing lists and data, create new data or integrate them with external source such as SQL, SAP, Oracle, MS CRMS etc.

Appbuilder tools are available in 3 options. Appbuilder 'Core' is ideal for App development and customisation. Appbuilder 'Portal' is ideal for App and Portal development and includes training, support and raw template options. Appbuilder 'Fusion' builds on 'Portal'  adding integration and unification options for external data.

May 17
Welcome to my blog!

This is where I'll be sharing my thoughts on topics that matter to me. Who knows... I might even share pictures, videos and links to other interesting stuff.

If I catch your interest, let me hear from you.